Are you up for a Challenge that would change your life forever? LET’s START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY!


Are you intimidated by exercise? Are you sick of exercise gimmicks that don’t do anything?

Here is your Ticket to Change all that!

The Ticket to Change Challenge goes beyond mere weight loss by showing how positive thoughts and actions are linked to the physical body. 

Here is how it works. In this 13 week program, we’ll start by gauging your fitness level, and then give you customized exercises you can do anywhere, anytime. No equipment necessary! I’ll show you how to work out safely, and nourish you BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.

I’ll share quick and nutritious recipes, inspirational videos, and show you how you can kickstart positive thought patterns. This program will help you to find your inner strength to permanently overcome the obstacles that have kept you from achieving your goals.

Now is the time to play the lead role in your life and allow yourself to live out your dreams. Now is the time to stop comparing yourself. Now is the time to spend your energy planning your ideal life.

Only YOU can take the action!

Success Stories

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Here is ‘THE TICKET’ to transform your life.

“How did an obese high school dropout and drug addict, living in the trenches of an abusive relationship, turn her life around to become a published author, leading fitness expert, motivational speaker, television host and inspiring wellness coach?”

‘The Ticket’ is my first published book based on my own journey and those of my clients.

I will share my inspiring journey in ‘The Ticket’ and help you through your journey to unleashing inner strength and finding the courage to overcome personal obstacles.


My journey of empowering true story of abuse, fear, and addictions transformed into courage, freedom and purpose.

I am dedicated to a holistic approach to health and wellness. Positive and permanent change can only be achieved through understanding the inter-connection between the mind, body and spirit.

“We all have a story to tell, we all have a purpose and it’s up to us to do something about it”


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How many kids around the world feel like they’re not smart enough, or funny enough, or good enough? It’s a problem every kid faces at one time or another, but where can they go when they feel like they’re all alone?

Hannah Rose has the answer. Hannah wanted to share an inspiring message of hope to kids just like her, and she created a story of self-esteem and friendship. The loving Tree is Hannah’s first book, and it’s a story of a young orphan girl who is eager for a real friend, but doesn’t believe that anybody will ever like her. Then, one day she meets a magical Loving Tree, and begins to learn the true meaning of friendship and love.

The LOVING TREE helps to show kids that loneliness won’t stick around forever, and how to believe in themselves. It’s great for parents and kids to read and discuss together.


After years of feeling defeated by my own journey, I made the decision to rise above the circumstance and use my knowledge and experience in a positive way.

The steps in my journey have taught me how to rid the mind of a lifetime of toxic thoughts; disable negative belief systems and judgements; and become aware of the way thoughts and actions influence my life. I saw my inner strength shine through as I transformed my physical body.

“I use this knowledge to help people find a clean, balanced mind that enable their hearts and minds to put them on the path of the life they truly want to live.”

I will keep you inspired, to keep you on your path, to keep you on your journey to liv the challenge.


I am a Transformational Coach, the Author of ‘The Ticket’ and founder of The Ticket to Change; A Transformational Program for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Through my own journey, I discovered my inner strength and I want to help others find their motivation and passion for life through their transformation.

“My passion is to help people find that special something – that deep motivation inside themselves that makes them unstoppable in connecting with their dreams.”

I am available to book for a Keynote Speaker, Wellness Workshop, or Private coaching.

Inspire and Be inspired


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