We all have shit. We all have personal issues, self sabotaging behaviours and hidden secrets. Stuff we wouldn’t share and stuff we might share with one of our dearest friends.

The truth is, this is fertilizer! This is the shit that makes us grow. We need to use it, but first we need to acknowledge that it exists before it will help us grow.

Our shit is more of our tendencies of self sabotage, our insecurities, our procrastination or our jealous nature.  To use them we first need to add a little self realization to the mixture. Think of all the messages that were given to us from the media, family, society and our past generations. We basically have been on auto pilot living each day as it comes.

Liv Daily Tip: Come clean.

Come clean with all of your shit.  If we are not able to fully understand ourselves, then how are we able to grow? Here’s your weekly challenge:  Put on your compassion glasses and take the test.

Take a dry erase marker and make a list of all your shit. Everything that is ready to be released will be. Write everything out – your secrets, your regrets. Everything that is holding you back to truly growing into the amazing being that you are.

No one else needs to see this and there is no judgment. Compassion glasses, remember?

Take a look all the different areas of your life: exercise, nutrition, career, belief patterns.

Once it is all out, stand back and take a look at it. It’s yours but it’s not you! Use that knowledge to grow. You will realize that you needed all the shit in your life for you to have the richness of the life you truly deserve.

Now that life has been fertilized, watch yourself grow

Where are you headed? What life are you going stand up for and live?

I would love to hear all about your shit, please comment below. I know the more we release the more we will grow.

Until next time, Look at your life with compassion.

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