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Liv Daily is an upbeat health and wellness show for the mind, body, and spirit connection. This connection is such an important way for anyone to get the life they want.

Each one of us has the ability to conquer our fears and reach a new level of living, but only when we truly commit to being ourselves. Trust me, I know that in today’s society, that takes practice! But that can all change – it really can. And I’m proof. I’m not here as someone who had the perfect life, not at all. I’ve lived through and conquered my deepest demons and I want to offer some of what I discovered to help you on your own journey.

Since 2009 I have been helping Canadians see that they don’t need gimmicks, pills or expensive gym memberships to be healthy and change their lives. All they need is a strengthened mind-body-spirit connection.


Liv Daily coming  to CTV2.

The LIV Daily show was filmed at the beautiful Azuridge Estate Hotel in southern Alberta.

What setting is more inspirational than this? With the beautiful scenery, majestic mountains and amazing food, the Azuridge Estate really feels like heaven on earth.

Sean Liv is a Calgary-based Transformational Coach and Author. She found inspiration after she lost 90 pounds, overcame addictions and underwent a physical and emotional transformation of her own. The best part was she didn’t need any gimmicks, pills or expensive gym equipment to do so.

As a certified Personal Trainer, Sean saw how doubt, fear and negativity caused her clients to backtrack in their fitness and weight loss goals. She also realized their wellness journey’s, were about more than just their bodies, but included their spirits and minds too.

That’s why Sean created The Ticket to Change Lifestyle Challenge, based on her philosophy and history. She has done many challenges over the years and the results are lasting. When she follows up with participants, she sees them becoming even stronger, living their lives with passion and truly practicing forgiveness, love and wisdom.

Sean also wrote her book The Ticket based on her own journey and those of her clients. Through The Ticket, Sean helps people replace negative belief patterns with encouraging ones, using their inner power to overcome struggles and make positive life choices. The Ticket is used as a guidebook for The Ticket to Change Challenge, the Race to Liv, and the upcoming TV program, Liv Daily.

Sean offers The Ticket to Change lifestyle challenge all across Canada, and has appeared on BT Calgary and in Distinctive Women and Guided Synergy magazine. Most recently, she has held the Ticket to Change challenge at the Ammolite Luxury Retreat at the Azuridge Estate Hotel, and appears as a co-host on Kim’s Kitchen and Calgary Homes and Lifestyles, seen on Calgary’s Shaw TV.

Sean Liv is the proud host of The LIV Daily Show. She is a Transformational Coach, author of the book The Ticket and founder of The Ticket to Change Lifestyle Challenge.

The Liv Daily show is upbeat, inspiring, and informative. Sean shares her enthusiasm and expertise in strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection, while drawing upon the experience of others, to show Canadians how easy it can be to find the power in their own lives.

“For the past nine years I’ve been helping people reach for their best self, through my transformational program called The Ticket to Change.
The biggest thing I’ve helped people realize is the change, power, and inspiration can only come from within.”

This week


As we go through life we have to learn forgiveness, not only for others but also for ourselves. This episode explores how we find and give that forgiveness. Also tips on using stairs for exercise and the health benefits of different cuts of oats. Featuring: Maureen McRae from Nurture Health and Wellness, Holistic Nutritionist Tessa Brekkaas, Charbar co-owner John Jackson. This week’s special guests are Lisa Elle, author of “Strut” and Mr. William Cox, Sean’s dad, tells his story of struggle and success.

LIV Daily

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Lisa Elle, Financial Coach & Author


Have you ever had buyers regret? Maybe you couldn’t resist that pair of shoes that didn’t quite fit in to your budget. Forgiving ourselves for even these minor discretions can be challenging but Lisa Elle author of “Strut” is here to help. Tune in this Wednesday at 8:00am on CTVtwo and hear what she has to say on this week’s episode of Liv Daily




The Success Story – The Ticket to Change – William A. Cox

Good health is about a strongly connected mind, body and spirit. Sean has developed a program aimed at achieving this connection called The Ticket To Change. Sean’s dad William is such a great example of such a connection. Check out his story on this week’s episode of Liv Daily


Tiger Power Cereal

Eating healthy can be a challenge, so Holistic Nutritionist Tessa Brekkaas met up with us at Superstore to give us some information about oats. Check out what she had to say as well as some great recipes using oats on this week’s episode of Liv Daily



Stairs!!  Oh yes!!!

STAIRS are such an easily accessible tool for a great workout. Check out how on this week’s episode of Liv Daily




Maureen McRae – Dr. Mo

Maureen has been an RN for over 32 years. She has worked in various health care settings including Oncology, Intensive Care/Trauma, Cardiovascular Research, and Neurology. She has many years of clinical experience providing lifestyle counselling for patients seeking weight loss, stress management, and risk reduction for heart disease and diabetes.

Maureen is the owner and practitioner at Nurture Health & Wellness. She is a certified 200-hr Yoga instructor and a Reiki Master.  She has studied herbalism through Wild Rose College and EAV testing at the Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences with renowned EAV Practitioner and Naturopath Dr. Robert Cass. She has apprenticed under Master Herbalist and Vibrational Energy Medicine practitioner Samantha Orthlieb and studied Energy Medicine with Dr. Sabina Pettit (TCM) of Pacific Essences. She has studied Heartspeak and Muscle Testing (kinesiology) with Dr. Anne Jensen and is a certified Heart Speak and Muscle Testing practitioner. Maureen also has intuitive gifts and works with guides and the angelic realm to assist her clients as directed.

Throughout her years working in an often stressful workplace, she learned to manage her personal health and wellness through her yoga practice, energy work and natural remedies. This has led her to broaden her healing perspective from one of ‘modern’ medicine to one that embraces an holistic and integrated view: a person needs to create balance and healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. She understands that physical symptoms are often related to mind/spirit issues that are coming to the surface for healing and release.

Maureen is passionate about providing empowerment for those seeking balance and achieving wholeness so they can create a life in which they thrive. She believes that it is time to shed old ways that are fear based and invite more love, support, and deeper connection into our lives and the world. In every moment we can consciously choose the paradigm to which we give our focus, time and energy.


Tessa Brekkaas – Holistic Nutritionist

Tessa Brekkaas is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who completed her training and graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Calgary, Alberta in 2014. Her passion is to help people find balance with their food choices. She believes that when we eat we nourish ourselves, using food to heal from the inside out.

To feel optimal we must eat optimal. With today’s busy lifestyles Tessa works with clients to pin point which body system is most out of balance and from there guides clients to bring the body back to feeling balanced. She will help people who struggle with multiple symptoms, weight gain, weak immune system, low energy, joint pain, infertility, auto immune disease, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, disease prevention and many more. Tessa wants people to feel like they aren’t alone when learning to feel your best and she is here to educate and guide.

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Ticket To Change

The Ticket is a perfect guidebook for people who have been trying to lose weight, make positive changes in their life or live out a dream they’ve always had. It’s a self-help guidebook that helps people understand the holistic link between a healthy body, a healthy spirit and a healthy mind. The Ticket is packed with useful tips, recipes, exercises and inspiring tools.

People who follow the program outlined in the book learn to understand their own thought processes, actions and habits and become better equipped to make changes in their lives. They become more energetic, positive and motivated. There are no embarrassing bootcamp-style exercises and gym memberships are not required. The result is change that sticks.

You can find The Ticket book at:

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