I’m sure we have all been guilty of it – seeing a psychic and wanting to know what the future holds. Having our palms read or looking for validation from loved ones to confirm our dreams and hopes.

The thing with the future is it’s never predicted. The future is only made up of our choices and actions. What tomorrow will bring depends on your conscious choices about your actions today.

If you decide tonight to say no to that dessert, you will feel empowered by your decision. But what if you say “Well it’s so good, just this once,” and you decide to have one small piece? When tomorrow comes you may completely take it out your mind with denial, or you may wake up and look in the mirror and say “It wasn’t worth it. Shit. I’m here again.” You continue to live the same tomorrow each and every day.

Weekly Liv Tip:
Future = present choices + actions

So if you want to predict your future, you must live for today – this moment. Because it’s in each and every small choice and action that build the momentum to shape tomorrow.

Each of us have the capability to make new choices, to create a different outcome to our story. We are not only the lead characters in this thing we call life, but we are also the director, the producer and the editors.

We get to call the shots.

Take a chance:

Take a pen and a piece of blank paper and predict the future you are going to live.

In every good movie there comes a time when the music begins, the lead character changes his or her ways and the outcome unfolds.

You can achieve anything you truly desire in this life. The only question I ask is what choices and actions are you making to create your future!

Love all of you for making our world a better place for our children. With your actions and choices our children are learning from the best.

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