The Ticket to Change
Transform your MIND BODY & SPIRIT
The Ticket to Change
Transform your MIND BODY & SPIRIT

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The Azuridge presents – The Ticket to Change

The Ticket To Change is a 13-week fitness based program from the groundbreaking book The Ticket.  The Ticket addresses every component of wellness. It teaches you how to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. You might just be surprised at how easily you can reach your weight loss goals and permanently overcome any obstacles that have kept so many of us from achieving our dreams

It’s an easy step by step program that will guide you through the 13-week journey.  Included are 4 benchmark workshops held at the beautiful Estate, exercise programs, quick and nutritious recipes, inspirational videos, and access to online support resource centre. This program will show you how you can kickstart positive thought patterns. We will be your coach and partner to help you become the powerful leader within your life.

Good health isn’t just about numbers on the scale. It’s about a strongly connected mind, body and spirit. Let us show you how easy it can be to overcome the health gimmicks and live a truly balanced life. JOIN ME!




You will be introduced to the challenge and encouraged to uncover your goals for the challenge and become REAL with your previous behaviors and mindsets.

  • Learning about nutrition and proper exercise.
  • Complete a fitness gauge to find your own personal starting points, and get an at-home fitness regime customized to that level.
  • All exercises will be given with how-to photos or videos and safety tips.

You will receive:

  • Inspirational videos to keep you on track and motivated.
  • Kitchen tips and nutritional information that will inspire you to spend time in the kitchen creating beautiful, nourishing meals you can be proud of.
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold Exercise Program for this month.(different levels according to your fitness experience)
  • Access to Exercise Video Library that you can do anywhere, anytime.
  • Access to easy and nutritious recipes.

“Be confidence, where there is confidence there is enthusiasm and where there is enthusiasm there is freedom.”




In this second month, we are going deeper into our lives. It’s time to clean and organize your mental closets and your home environment. The more you’re willing to face in the physical world, such as cleaning out your closets, the easier it’ll be to do the same with your emotional and mental closets. In order to make room for new habits and create the space for you to succeed, you have to clear out the energy of the old.

  • Learn strategies for organizing your home and your mind.
  • You will be able to be ready to let go of the past, to welcome in new energy of the future.

During this month, you will receive:

  • a 4-hour workshop at the beautiful Azuridge Estate Hotel.
  • Check-in with measurements and progress.
  • Inspirational videos to keep you on track and motivated.
  • Tips and worksheets to help you organize your home and your mind.
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold Exercise Program for this month.
  • Access to Exercise Video Library that you can do anywhere, anytime.
  • Access to easy and nutritious recipes.

“Be pride, where there is pride there is passion and where there is passion there is creation.”




This month is an opportunity to create your own standards that you want to live by. When we take proper action in our thoughts, that’s when we create a shift to make it happen. You will learn how strengthening your spirits will allow you to move forward in your lives.

  • Learn how to create your own Life Blueprint.
  • Learn to allow yourself to truly examine what it is that you would like to create for your future.

During, this month you will receive:

  • Inspirational videos to keep you on track and motivated.
  • Create Your Life Blueprint worksheet.
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold Exercise Program for this month.
  • Access to Exercise Video Library that you can do anywhere, anytime.
  • Access to easy and nutritious recipes.

“Be truth, where there is truth there is expression and where there is expression there is voice.”

“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated.
Set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner”

– Les Brown –

The Ticket to Change is for you

  • If you want to lose weight without any exercise gimmicks, diet pills, or expensive gym memberships or bulky equipment
  • If you’ve been trying but never reach you weight loss goal
  • If the thought of going to a gym makes your palms sweat
  • If you feel stuck in life
  • If you are tired of feeling depressed and negative self-talk or comparing yourself to others
  • If you want to take ownership of your life
  • If you are ready to uncover your inner power and unleash the limitless potential within you
  • If you want to love yourself and who you see when looking in the mirror
  • If you are ready to make a positive change for yourself

Email us for more information

You will learn:

  • Proper exercise and nutrition
  • Easy and nourishing recipes
  • How to stay on track with healthy eating
  • Kitchen tips, workout regime, and exercises you can do anywhere
  • How to stop the negative self-talk
  • How to think in a productive and positive way
  • Being able to forgive and create strategies for growth
  • How to strengthen your spirit and live out your dream

Why work with me?

After years of feeling defeated by my own journey, I made the decision to rise above the circumstance and use my knowledge and experience in a positive way.

The steps in my journey have taught me how to rid the mind of a lifetime of toxic thoughts; disable negative belief systems and judgements; and become aware of the way thoughts and actions influence my life. I saw my inner strength shine through as I transformed my physical body.

I use this knowledge to help people find a clean, balanced mind that enable their hearts and minds to put them on the path of the life they truly want to live.

I will keep you inspired, to keep you on your path, to keep you on your journey to liv the challenge.

Contest Details….

Participants have the opportunity to have their transformational story featured on Season 3 of the Liv Daily Show and be entered for a chance to win a spectacular escape which includes dinner with me and a night’s stay at the beautiful Azuridge Estate Hotel in Priddis (where we film the show) and we will even throw in some spending money. The experience of being on the show is priceless, and the getaway is valued at over $1200.

All entries will be reviewed by Robin Buck, our Production Manager, who is also one of our greatest success stories from Season 1 and she will narrow it down to 3 finalists.  John Jackson of Charbar -who has been through a huge transformational change himself and is one of Liv Daily’s greatest supporters will pick the Final story that we will feature.

Can’t wait to see all of your success stories, learn of your experiences and chat with you more.

PS….Don’t hesitate to email us, as we would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have.

 PSS…You should come on the show with me!  It’ll be FUN! I promise

The Best Part…..

You have a chance to win a night’s stay at the Azuridge Hotel and YES a cash prize!


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